Nurturing Your Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy

Masculine and feminine...two words we're all familiar with, but the idea of embracing them both might be confusing. Let me break it down...For so long, we have limited ourselves to one category or another: male or female...masculine or feminine. We tend to emphasis one over the other and don't recognize the importance of balancing them both...this is called the yin and the yang in Chinese medicine. Truth is, we all possess qualities of both and in order to reach our FULL potential, we must find a way to weave them together.

The beauty of this process is that regardless of your past or the state of your present self, you can begin to embrace the energies where they are and start to understand what they might need to become healthy and whole.

If you take a look around, more specifically at the state of our culture and relationships as a whole, you might notice that we are living in an extremely wounded masculine environment that is controlled, dominated, and manipulated from a place of fear, shame, and anger. Not only does this limit the empowering aspects of the masculine but it also fears and suffocates the feminine, in others, and in oneself.

So, what does the opposite look like? A healthy and empowered state of masculinity is fearless, loyal, decisive, and supportive. It encourages the feminine. It is open to feelings and emotions. It's not led by shame or fear. Instead, it embraces the divine and seeks to

provide gentle strength where there is conflict and separation.

But, just as there is a wounded masculine, there is also a wounded feminine. This represents itself as the need to live through others, loss of self respect, the lack of drive and desire to accomplish, and the assumption of a victimized role. This is extremely dangerous because the pained or wounded feminine can lose the sense or idea of what love is and feels like. Therefore, she acts from a space of guilt, shame, and unprocessed trauma.

The opposite of this would be the healthy, empowered feminine. This is represented as the knowledge of self and the understanding of ones own feelings. It is intuitive, creative, sensual, sexual, patient, compassionate and nurturing.

The healthy feminine within will leave you feeling both supported and peaceful.

By now, you are probably analyzing your divine feminine and masculine. Wondering where you are dominant or where you might be suffocating a certain area. Looking at the chart to the right might be a helpful way to determine which qualities need a little help! But, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can serve to nurture and support them all.

Here are 5 ways to do just that:

1. Spend time in nature: Being in nature provides the environment needed to connect and ground with our divine selves. It is the true essence of our being and encourages our compassionate, creative, and nurturing side! So, go on a walk (try walking barefoot in the grass), hike, bike ride, camping trip, or another kind of adventure!

2. Feel your feelings: Because we lead such busy lives, we can often disregard or suffocate our feelings. In order to embrace them, we must slow down and take time to simply be with them. We can do this through meditation or focused breathing and body awareness exercises. This process will help you recognize that your feelings are your feedback. They provide the information needed to begin the work to truly heal the wounded areas within.

3. Embrace your creativity: Exploring and nurturing our creative side is also a gateway to your spiritual growth, so carve out time to self care and create. Whether it's a new business venture, taking a painting class, making your own jewelry or trying out some new recipes, do something that makes you feel good and provides something in return! This is also a great way to instill healthy boundaries as you are making self nourishment a priority.

4. Lean in to your strengths: Recognize that you are strong, knowledgeable, and a valuable contributor and leader! You possess strengths that are unique to YOU. Are you unsure what those might be? If so, ask those around you! They can provide great insight for you. Just remember that as you begin to really showcase your inherent abilities, that they should always play well with others. A true leader recognizes that they are part of the collective whole and that their success shouldn't come at the expense of another. So, let others work through their own process, embrace their strengths, and be compassionate towards their shortcomings.

5. Take time to play: Nurture that child-like curiosity by participating in spontaneous adventure and play. Get outside, take a dance class, or be around children! It would also be helpful to donate your time and give back to the community! When we focus on giving instead of taking, we open our hearts to the connection between ourselves and others, which results in an abundance of love, compassion, and confidence.