Survive The Colder Months: 6 Ways To Beat Those Winter Blues

I don't know about you, but I have been known to be extremely effected by the seasonal transition!

There is no denial that the initial change can affect our biology...Many researchers claim it disrupts our melatonin and serotonin production and thus, affects our mood, while others propose that is interrupts our circadian rhythm, otherwise known as our internal clock that determines how we function during normal waking and sleeping hours (Psych Central).

Whatever it may be, we are all feeling it, am I right?

So, whether you are mildly affected like me or simply looking for ways to enjoy the winter months a bit more, this post is for you!

Here are 7 ways we can all meet the season head on:

1. Slow down & find joy in the little things: Read a good book, cozy up by the fire, take more baths, play games, do a puzzle or spend more time in the kitchen whipping up some good ol' healthy comfort foods! This is a great time to just connect with the simple things and tend to your emotional and mental well being.

2. Make a point to move: Whether it's going to the gym or hitting the slopes, moving your body will release those feel good endorphins!

3. Schedule time with friends as much as possible: Having something to look forward to makes all the difference. So, even when we all don't feel like doing much this time of year, be sure to schedule little get-together's, like a pot luck at home, a visit to your favorite restaurant, or a trip to the cabin (or better yet the beach)

4. Buy a few winter pieces that make you feel good: The power of a cute pair of boots or a fun new scarf is priceless! Wear things that make you feel good and excited to get dressed every day!

5. Get outside: Even though it's cold, get outside, go for a walk and soak up some Vitamin D! Those sun rays will start your day off right! If you're finding it hard to get out, you might want to consider investing in an artificial light box or wake up light to stimulate the sun rise!

6. Stick to a schedule: Maintaining a schedule is always helpful, but presents some major benefits during the winter months. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time. This can help your sleep patterns, which will have you feeling well rested, ultimately improving symptoms of SAD (Everyday Health).

7. Maintain a positive outlook: Our environment or circumstances aren't always "ideal", but that shouldn't be an invitation to self loathe. We can make the best out of this time of year by simply choosing to do so.