How I Cured My Acne Prone Skin

As a young teen, I began suffering from very oily skin and acne, which eventually evolved in to a more severe case of cystic acne as an adult. You know, the large, deep, and painful boil type zits that frequent the jaw line and neck area.

I tried everything under the sun from prescription medication to heavily medicated topical treatments, but nothing ever resolved the problem and my skin was left dry, discolored and dull.

I fell victim to the idea that such a problem could only be resolved by external remedies, but this is rarely the solution to ANY life problem. In order for any external remedy to work properly, we need to bring attention to whats going on internally and work to heal ourselves from the inside out.


One of the biggest causes of acne and other skin conditions is inflammation. It's the body’s response to infection, irritation, injury, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal or homeostatic imbalance, an unhealthy diet and it causes symptoms like redness, soreness, heat, swelling, or loss of function. This is not only true for muscles, joints and organs, but also our skin, therefore we must seek to eliminate the things within our diets that cause inflammation.


Although research is limited, according to a report published in 2010, eating more anti-inflammatory foods may help reduce acne by improving hormone levels and minimizing skin follicle inflammation.

There are no known foods that cause acne, but eating fewer pro-inflammatory foods, may improve your symptoms and in my case, it helped significantly!

Foods that cause inflammation include high-glycemic foods and saturated or trans saturated fats. So, eliminating things like sugar, artificial sweeteners, glutenous grains, all animal based products, fried foods, and processed foods worked wonders for my skin.


My skin was never a motivating factor in going plant based, but it was one of the first things that reaped the benefit of my new lifestyle and its by no surprise because plants are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for glowing skin!

By incorporating an abundance of plant foods such as dark leafy greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, I was able to provide my body with everything needed to create a healthy internal environment, which supported my skin clearing process.


When the body is dehydrated is not only affects the appearance and quality of your skin, but also the functionality of every cell in your body!

When we are dehydrated, it can leave our skin feeling dry, tight, and flaky and it can also limit your body's ability to flush out toxins.

It is extremely important to remain hydrated because not only does it create more pliable pores, but it also supports healthy and regular bodily functions, so DRINK UP!


Up to 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed, which means we have to be just as cautious as to what goes ON our bodies as we are with what goes IN our bodies.

Because we want to positively affect our health and well being, we should opt for products that nurture our health, instead of damage it.

I opted for a more natural skin care routine, which provided the external support for the internal measures I was taking to heal my skin!

There are three brands that have worked wonders on my skin in the realms of hydration, spot reduction, and that overall GLOW we all want! Those are Lua Skincare, Edible Beauty Australia, and doTERRA.

LUA Skincare is a plant-based, vegan, & cruelty-free line that uses the highest quality of plant and flower oils. You wont find any questionable ingredients here! Only the most natural elements from the earth that both smell and feel delicious on your skin.

My go to products are the AGE LESS Restorative Face Oil, SOL SERUM Intensive Face Oil, and the LOVE YOUR FACE Cleansing Oil.

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Edible Beauty Australia is another plant-based, vegan & cruelty free line that uses "pure, wild-crafted and botanical ingredients that are literally good enough to eat."

My favorite products of theirs are the No.1 Bella Frais Cleansing Milk, which I use during the winter months, the & Coco Bliss Intensive Repair - Night Creme that I lather on in colder weather for extra moisture, and the & Gold Rush Eye Creme, which literally has specs of gold in it!

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Lastly, I like to add doTERRA essential oils to my cremes, or directly to my skin when necessary. There are many EO's that work wonders on the skin for a variety of issues and those include lavender, ylang ylang, and yarrow palm. To learn more about them and create a customized plan for your health and skincare goals, please reach out to me at

I wish you the best of luck on your skincare journey!