Doterra Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world. They learned to extract the highly concentrated compounds from plants, flowers, roots, bark, and seeds and then incorporate them in a way that significantly benefit their health and physical well-being


As a modern culture, our use of those essential oils has continued to grow as health scientists and medical practitioners further their research and validate that integrating them in to your daily life does, in fact, pose numerous health benefits. 

If you are excited about these benefits and want to set up a free consultation, simply click the link below!

Where do I start?

If you're new to the space of essential oils and are excited to integrate them in to you and your families lives, I think the Healthy Start Kit is the best place to start!

This kit gets you the top 10 oils including Breathe, DigestZen, OnGuard, Deep Blue, Lemon, Frankincense, Lavender, Melaleuca, Oregano, and Peppermint as well as a diffuser for your home or office. 

Click the link to learn more about the kit and to place your order! And remember, with each purchase, you also get a free one-on-one consultation with me to discuss each oil, their purpose, and how to use them daily. 

Targeted Wellness...

The Wellness Programs are a simple, almost effortless way for you to target a specific health goal and get the exact products you need for what you want to achieve. We remove the hassle of figuring out which essential oils and products to use. There’s no need to repeat the same pattern of scrambling to put together the perfect oil regimen yourself when you can just sign up for a Wellness Program!

My  Go To's...

Curious as to what I use on a daily basis?

Check out some of my favorites and most recommended oils and blends below!



Rose holds a higher vibration than any other oil on the planet and is a powerful healer of the heart. It embodies divine love and teaches us how to contact this love through opening our hearts.

I love to apply Rose in combination with Frankinscense (The King of oils) over my heart when I'm needing emotional healing.



Adaptiv is great for when you are feeling stressed. It helps to ease those feelings of tension and evokes a sense of calm. It also helps improve sustained attention while easing the body and mind. 

Dropping a couple drops of this oil in to my palms and inhaling deeply several times really helps to keep me calm, especially when I have a lot going on.



This oil encourages warmth in relationships, stabilizes physical and emotional imbalances, and fosters emotional intimacy. It is also a perfect blend to use during menstruation and for supporting pregnancy and child delivery.

This oil really helps me during my menstrual cycle. Simply rubbing it over my lower abdomen works wonders. 


Deep Blue

Deep Blue is formulated to soothe and cool and is the perfect addition to your massage after a long day of work. It is also helpful after a tough workout!

As an athlete and someone who suffers from longstanding pain in my low back, this is a regular part of my regimen! 

Why Doterra?

For an inside look on the sourcing process and how dOTERRA supports the communities that provide them, watch the short video below!

*Disclaimer, its going to tug at your heart strings!

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