The 7 Day Shift


The 7 Day Shift was carefully created by both Jenn & Jes, the Owner of Boise Juice Co. It includes a short juice cleanse before slowly integrating delicious plant based meals. The program also offers free group training sessions, interactive FB group, menu, shopping list, and more!

Hi....I'm Jenn

I work with people like you who are seeking something more! People who have grown tired of mediocrity and want to level up their life!

Why? Because I see too many people holding themselves back and I think they deserve more out of life! 


Often times, the only thing lacking is support, confidence, and the resources needed to see positive and lasting change. 


This is why, TOGETHER, we look at each dimension of wellness and customize an integrative approach, aimed to enhance your overall health and well being.

Are you ready? Follow the link below and let's get started!

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